Final Reflection

During my second rotation of the semester I learned even more about proper teaching practices and myself.  During this rotation I assisted in teaching a fifth grade classroom.  I have become better in my classroom management skills.  The students stayed on task more often than they did during the first rotation.  I used positive reinforcement and the primary teacher’s rules.  The thing that I believe helped me the most was interacting differently with the students from the very introduction.  I was more strict and demanded more respect.  I was less of a friend in the beginning, so the students would respect me more.  I was still very understanding, but I did not play around with them as I sometimes did in the first rotation.  The children payed closer attention to me during my lessons, and they spoke out less.  The semester as a whole went very well for me.  I seemed to grow a lot as a teacher.  There are many different teaching strategies that I picked up from my cooperating teachers.  These practices will be very useful in my future teaching.  I have learned how to deal with each child as an individual with their own unique personalities and learning styles.  I feel that I have definitely accomplished the goals that I set out to accomplish this semester.  I feel that I have also improved in some of my professional attributes.  I have become better in taking an initiative in doing my assignments.  I have learned how to properly manage the students in a classroom.  I have also created lesson plans that are more effective in capturing the students interest and keeping their attention.  I feel that this semester was a true success, and that it will definitely help me in educating students in the years to come.

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